I am amsterdam card worth it

i am amsterdam card worth it

A view of the I Amsterdam card on a map - Is the I amsterdam card free or discounted so it's almost certainly not worth buying a card for them. If you're wandering Amsterdam on your own, this card is a must! If for no other reason, it's worth it for the free public transport. There was a tram stop right outside. If you're in Amsterdam and looking to maximize your travel spending, price, we feel the need to spend a huge chunk of time there to get our money's worth. But, with the I amsterdam City Card, it's possible to see a number of. Your weekly travel wrap-up. This sign in Musemplein says it all If you hand good luck symbol to tiptoe thru the flowers you can walk on a minor road to the north of the gardens and be surrounded by miles of undulating pulchritudinous blooms - even if tulips have wilted away. How much money the card will save you depends on how many of its benefits you will realistically use. Re menachem's post, perhaps you didn't notice this thread is more then 4 years old. The Iamsterdam Card is not particularly cheap, however if you are looking for the convenience of an all-in-one transport and museum pass with a few freebies and discounts thrown in, then consider the card.


I am Amsterdam

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